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Jolien Janzing is a DutchBelgian writer and journalist. As an author she made a name for herself with the novel De geheime liefde van Charlotte Brontë (Charlotte Brontë’s Secret Love), published in Dutch and to be followed in 2015-2016 by English, German and French editions. As a journalist she has contributed to magazines such as HumoFeeling and Libelle.

Career [edit]

Dutch by birth, Jolien Janzing (1964) grew up in Belgium. She has written for fashion magazines Avenue and Mode, dit is Belgisch. Humo published a number of controversial articles by her, including “Vrouwen over hun lichaam” (“Women About Their Bodies”) and “Chemische rommel in de cosmetica” (“Chemical Rubbish in Cosmetics”). Her Humo articles have regularly found their way into magazines De Nieuwe RevuHet Parool and HP De Tijd. She also wrote a column for the “Ego” supplement of the Flemish newspaper De Morgen. Since 2013 she has devoted her time to writing novels.

She has published the following:

  • 2004: Je kind of je dromen (Your Child or Your Dreams), an essay about motherhood and ambition.
  • 2009: Grammatica van een obsessie (Grammar of an Obsession), a novel about a writer’s destructive obsession.
  • 2013: De Meester – de geheime liefde van Charlotte Brontë in het negentiende-eeuwse Brussel (The Master – The Secret Love of Charlotte Brontë in Nineteenth-Century Brussels; published UK-title: Charlotte Brontë’s Secret Love).
  • oktober 2015: UK-edition Charlotte Brontë’s Secret Love – World Editions – translated by Paul Vincent
  • 15 januari 2016: German-edition Die Geheime Liebe der Charlotte Brontë LangenMüller/Herbig – translated by Wibke Kühn
  • Next:
  • 15 March 2016 – L’Amour caché de Charlotte Brontë – edition France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Canada – Publisher Editions l’Archipel

Film rights:

  •  The film rights have been sold to David P. Kelly Films.

Her debut novel Grammar of an obsession (2009) was about the destructive obsession of an author and was greeted with praise.

Charlotte Brontë’s Secret Love is the coming of age story of the young Charlotte Brontë in 19th century Brussels and tells the story of her secret love. Janzing’s novel has a large international appeal and not just because of its subject matter. De Meester was the only Dutch-language novel selected for Books at Berlinale at 2013 Berlin International Film Festival, an initiative to bring publishing and the film industry closer together.

Her writing style is very visual.

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