Charlotte Brontë’s Secret Love (previous title ‘De Meester’) was selected for Books at Berlinale 2013 and was first published in Dutch (May 2013). In the meantime the novel has been translated in English by the award-winning translator Paul Vincent, in German by Wibke Kuhn and in Italian by Maddalena de Leo. A Japanese translation by Akiko Higuchi is on its way. The French (Danièle Momont – Editions l’Archipel & Archipoche), English (World Editons), German (LangenMüller) and Turkish (Gündünya Yayinlari) rights have been sold. The film rights have been sold to UK producer David P. Kelly Films.

English language edition:

About the translator

Paul Vincent (United Kingdom), Honorary Senior Lecturer in Dutch at UCL, has been one of the most renowned translators of Dutch literature for the past twenty years. He was awarded the first David Reid Poetry Translation Prize (2006) for his translation of ‘Herinnering aan Holland’ (‘Memory of Holland’) by Hendrik Marsman and the Vondel Translation Prize 2012 for My Little War, his translation of Mijn kleine oorlog by Louis Paul Boon.

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